Features and Specifications

Size: 5/4

Key: CC

Finish: lacquered

Valve: 4 stainless steel pistons, 1 rotary valve

Leadpipe: rose brass

Slide: cupronickel

Bell: yellow brass

Bell size: 18.9"

Bore size: 0.748"-0.787"

Height: 39"

Accessories: case, mouthpiece, valve oil, polishing cloth

Kaizer 7000 Series C Tuba 5/4 - Silver Plated - Rose Brass - Gold Lacquer

  • This is a "BTO" (build-to-order) product. Item is not ready for immediate shipping. Valves, valve button, color combination, engraving can be built to your specifications. Lead time varies depending on specs and order quantity but production typically require 30-45 days. Please contact Kaizer for details: info@kaizerinstruments.com