Introducing the All New 2000 Series Trumpets

All new for 2018, the 2000 Series is an improved version of Kaizer's popular 1000 Series trumpets. This trumpet is double braced for better tonal performance and durability. Built with solid yellow brass. It has the same 0.464" large bore, 5" bell design which produces bigger sounds, yields more resonance than the competition. Rose brass lead-pipe and cupronickel tuning slides improves performance and adds flare. 1st valve thumb saddle and 3rd valve slide ring allows for better stability and intonation control. The equipped 7C mouthpiece is best for student players. The mouthpiece receiver also allows for other types of mouthpieces to be attached, accomodating to specific preferences or playing styles. Package also includes molded case, valve oil, pollishing cloth and a pair of gloves. 


Kaizer offers you the most reliable product and service your money can buy. Kaizer products comes from factories that produces reliable products for many other leading brands. We seek out original manufactures that produces high quality instruments for popular brands, we put our private label on those same instruments, stripping away distributors, middle-men, dealers, sals people, gimmick and non-sense, leaving you with top quality and incredible value. Then we top it off with an unbeatable warranty offering you a peace of mind that is unparalleled. 

Kaizer 2000 Series Bb Trumpet - Gold Lacquer - Rose Brass - Cupronickel Slides

    • Double braced; 0.464" large bore; rose brass lead-pipe; cupronickel tuning slides; 5” bell
    • Solid yellow brass; Pearl inlay valve buttons; 1st valve slide thumb saddle and 3rd valve slide ring
    • Includes molded case, polishing cloth, valve oil, case shoulder strap and pair of white gloves, standard 7C mouthpiece