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Beginner+Step-up All In One
Kaizer 1000 Series Saxophones introduces high functionality, versatility, and excellent playability, to beginner students at a practical price point. Kaizer used the same design elements and functionality and applied it to 3 different saxophone platforms: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and soprano saxophone. The 1000 Series eliminates the need for another step-up or intermediate instrument. When the player is ready to make the transition he/she can then move on to a professional level instrument.


Kaizer offers you the most reliable product and service your money can buy. Kaizer products comes from factories that produces reliable products for many other leading brands. We seek out original manufactures that produces quality instruments for popular brands, we put our private label on those same instruments, stripping away distributors, middle-men, dealers, sales people, gimmick and non-sense, leaving you with top quality and incredible value. Then we top it off with a unbeatable warranty offering you a peace of mind that is unparalleled.


Built to Last
Kaizer Student 1000 Series instruments are built to be tough and low maintenance. Made with high quality solid yellow brass for enhanced tonality and as well as durability comparing to any other types of materials. Professionally padded leatherette prevents corrosion wear, giving you the perfect seal every time and combined with premium steel springs it offers full control, fast response and most importantly, player confidence.

Kaizer 1000 Series Eb Alto Saxophone - Gold Lacquer

    • Includes molded case, complete mouthpiece and ligature set, polishing cloth, cleaning rod, gloves, lubricant for mouthpiece.
    • LIMITED-TIME OFFER: Kaizer Welcome Kit - Ultra-Pure Alto Sax Care Kit (made in USA); Built using quality solid yellow brass which enhances tonality comparing to any other types of materials. Advanced sensitive response, premium steel springs for faster action.
    • Professional leatherette pads offer maximum intonation control and comfort; Kaizer 1000 Series Alto Saxophone in the key of E flat (Eb) is designed for beginners, school band and orchestra players.
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